Mental health — it’s okay to talk about it

One of WTTA’s main goals is to educate and inform. It’s okay to talk about mental health, and that conversation can and should happen around firearm ownership. Here you can find informational sheets that explain why it’s important to take care of your mental health along with links to WTTA’s screening resources. The video below gives an example of how a firearm seller can provide these resources to their buyers.
A variety of people put their hands together wearing WTTA bracelets on the top of a flyer that reads "Mental health -- it's okay to talk about it"

A5 Insert

Flyers and Toolkit
Download and print our informational sheets to insert into product purchases and display for free at the checkout counter. Download our 2023 Toolkit for informational sheets, flyers, social media imagery, and more content to help spread the word about WTTA.

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8.5×11″ or 4.5×6.5″ Insert

Shooting Targets

We are excited to announce a brand new way to help support WTTA! We have two different shooting targets that you can sell for $1 more than your other targets, with that dollar going towards improving the mental health of gun owners.

Your support will help us continue providing free and anonymous mental health screenings on our website and help maintain the first of its kind directory of mental health professionals for gun owners.

All you have to do is print one or both of our targets and then make a monthly donation for the ones you sell! If you need assistance with this program, please email us at

Download 24×36″ Shooting Target:
Design 1 | Design 2

Left: Target Design 1; Right: Target Design 2

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