Responsible storage prevents unauthorized access. Each gun owner defines who is unauthorized for their home. It can mean preventing access to young children, guests, and potential thieves. It can also mean preventing access from themselves in a crisis by asking a loved one to change the safe code or by other means. Responsible storage is often carried out best by storing or staging your firearms in a safe or other locking device. Responsible storage is a big one because we know access matters. Storing firearms responsibly can prevent negative outcomes with firearms like suicide.

Cable Lock

Cable locks run through the barrel or action of a firearm to prevent it from being accidentally fired, requiring either a key or combination to unlock it.

Lock Box

Lock boxes are a popular choice among gun owners they are smaller than larger safes and allow firearms to be staged in areas of their homes, offices, or vehicles for quick access.


Some firearms are larger and require a full sized safe. They also protect firearms from dust and other elements.