2A Mental Health Survey

Are you tired of hearing statistics thrown around in healthcare, the media, and lawmakers that don’t accurately represent gun owners? We know we have had moments where we too get frustrated by some wildly inaccurate statistics thrown at us during important conversations. This is why we developed this survey to accurately understand what the 2A community thinks.

Our goal is simple – we hope to gather a clear and accurate picture of gun owners regarding mental health and some legislation. This way, we can lightly push back against inaccurate statistics.

We know that the 2A community is a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. With the help of our partners and individuals, we will get a strong sample size of how gun owners feel about important issues.

Please join us in this effort and together, we can push back against those inaccurate statistics and improve mental healthcare for gun owners.

*This survey will close October 2nd and results will be published shortly after*