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The Survival Podcast episode-2356- Michael Sodini of Walk the Talk America

Michael Sodini is the founder of Walk the Talk America.  An organization who’s goal is to raise awareness and create a change in the misunderstandings regarding mental illness and firearms by bringing together industry leaders to reduce gun violence, negligence, suicide and the trauma created by these events. Develop programs for suicide prevention, firearms negligence, trauma mitigation, and child safety.

WIG-280 – Walk The Talk Or Become A Ninja

The Armed Citizen ep 5: Michael Sodini with Walk The Talk America

Chairman, Michael Sodini, on the Armed Citizen Podcast

Welcome to another episode of the Talking Lead Podcast!  We are talking mental health and firearms this episode with fellow Lead Head, President of Eagle Imports and founder of Walk The Talk America (WTTA), Mike Sodini.  On the heals of the recent mass shooting murders at the Borderline Bar and Grill in California this is a timely topic you do not want to miss.   The guys discuss misconceptions about the roles that both the mental health system and firearms play in problems of gun violence, negligence and suicide.

Mental Health & Firearms: Bridging The Gap

Maybe I’m Wrong About Guns

Suicide Prevention, Gun Negligence and Our Responsibilities


Armed American Radio with Mark Walters – Current events and everything that matters to our right to bear arms as the enemies of freedom battle us daily.

Guest Lineup: UNBELIEVABLE program today. Rob Pincus walked us through issues that, for years, “our side” has been afraid to address. This one makes the “Best of” and will definitely get more airplay. Learn from this today!

Michael Sodini – founder of Walk The Talk America (WTTA). Michael is a 3rd generation firearm industry professional, and known by many as the “most un-gun, gun guy.” He is the President of Eagle Imports, Inc, that imports fine firearms from all over the world, such as the Bersa, Llama, Metro Arms, and Grand Power, and Avidity Arms firearm brands. His Walk the Talk America initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to making positive change in relationship to mental health, and firearm awareness.

Guns in the Media, Suicide Prevention & Walk The Talk America

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