At the Intersection of Guns and Mental Health: The Introductory Course

Hey healthcare workers, check this out. In 2017, PEW Research Center conducted a survey and found that 42% of Americans either own firearms or live with somebody who does. In 2020, we added another 8 million brand new gun-owners to the mix, which means you can assume about half of your clientele either owns a gun or lives with one.

If you’re not comfortable having a firearms conversation about responsible storage or suicide intervention in a time of need, that’s fine! Walk the Talk America is providing a free cultural competence course in firearms for healthcare workers. Everything you need to know is on this page. Let’s serve our patients well!

Take the free cultural competence course in firearms

Step 1 – Watch the course video below.
(Runtime is 3.5 hours.)

Step 2 – Take the online quiz.
(Estimated 15-20 minutes to complete.)

Step 3 – A WTTA representative will contact you via email with proof of completion!