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Attention all mental health professionals! WTTA and Zephyr Wellness are pleased to announce that our “At the Intersection of Guns and Mental Health: Advancing Culture Competence” course will be coming to Las Vegas on March 18! .
DM is for time and location....registration details coming soon.
3 CEUs are available for all social workers, psychologists, MFTs and CPCs.
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This!!!! ❤️ #Repost @nogginnotes
Taking a mental health screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. Mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety, are real, common and treatable. And recovery is possible. To take your Free Mental Health screening visit https://walkthetalkamerica.org/
If you have any questions or request send us a message at info@nogginnotes.com

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We have been telling people for months to consider putting a post-it note that says "Protect What You Love" wherever they stage or store their firearms. The #CauseaPause campaign is the evolution of that simple idea. Place a picture, a challenge coin, a souvenir or other moments that reminds you that YOU have a lot to live for wherever you store a firearm. That simple action today could save your life in a future moment of crisis. .
Consider posting a picture of whatever you place near your guns with Cause A Pause to spread the word and encourage others to do the same.
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#causeapause is a new campaign from Walk the Talk America that every gun owner can get behind! This is a voluntary movement that we believe can save lives! The concept...put something next to your firearm or safe that will cause you to pause and think in a time of crisis. No matter how dark our lives get, we all have something to live for!!!!
In the coming weeks, we will be posting videos like this one from some of the biggest influencers in the firearms community. .
Please feel free to submit your own video if this moves you.....even if you want to stay anonymous. .
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@carolineflack posted this photo on Valentine’s Day. 2 days later she is no longer with us...she died by suicide. Look at her face in this post...not only was she beautiful and successful...she appeared to be happy. #Depression does not discriminate and tragedy shows no mercy...it doesn’t care about your money, your success, or your looks. You never know what someone is dealing with....so #bekind and check on your loved ones.
Here is a quote from Caroline from October:
“I wanted to write something about mental health day last week but I was knee deep in work. And some days it’s hard to write your feelings of your not in the right place. The last few weeks I’ve been in a really weird place... I find it hard to talk about it .. I guess it’s anxiety and pressure of life ... and when I actually reached out to someone they said I was draining. I feel like this is why some people keep their emotions to themselves. I certainly hate talking about my feelings. And being a burden is my biggest fear.... I’m lucky to be able to pick myself up when things feel shit. But what happens if someone can’t . Be nice to people. You never know what’s going on . Ever.”
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Our Mission

Walk The Talk America™ funds research and development for outreach and promotion of mental health to reduce the misconceptions and prejudices that exist when it comes to mental illness and firearms. We believe we can be a catalyst for change by working with experts in the mental health industry.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise awareness and create a change in the misunderstandings regarding mental illness and firearms by bringing together industry leaders to reduce gun violence, negligence, suicide and the trauma created by these events. Develop programs for suicide prevention, firearms negligence, trauma mitigation, and child safety.


We have created alliances between the leading experts and organizations in the Firearms and Mental Health Industries. They have the knowledge and proper call to action to reach those who may want the help but have either been ignored or simply have been too afraid to seek help, because of the misconceptions that come with mental illness.


We have also established commitments from several experienced and concerned colleagues in the firearm industry that are willing to donate their time, resources, and money to help.  Historically, both industries have cared deeply about this issue but have never been connected.


WalktheTalkAmerica.org is a way to bring people together. The professionals and academics from both industries are moving forward with combining efforts, information, and resources to achieve our vision for the future.

Our Mission & Vision

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Suicide Prevention, Gun Negligence and Our Responsibilities