What Walk the Talk America has accomplished

Since our founding in 2018, WTTA’s mission has been to reduce firearm suicides and other negative incidents associated with firearm ownership through education, outreach, and engagement with the firearms and mental health industries. These are some of the accomplishments that we’re proud of.
Rubber wristband with "WTTA.org/love" printed on it alongside a WTTA enamel pin
Resources for the Community

Free Mental Health Screenings & Mental Health Gun Box Flyers

We provide informational flyers for firearm sellers to add to gun boxes plus anonymous, free mental health screenings on our website. These help gun owners get a chance to check in on themselves and point them in the right direction to get the help they need. Screenings are also effective in staying on top of one’s mental health.
Gun store employee showing mental health flyer from WTTA to customer
Resources for Mental Health Professionals

Cultural Competence Classes

Our cultural competence classes bring mental health professionals into the range to learn the basics of firearms. This helps therapists get a better understanding of the “gun culture/2A community.” Our course is the first of its kind and rewards practitioners with 3 CEUs upon completion.


Bridging the Gap Between Mental Health & Gun Ownership

We work together with national organizations such as Mental Health America. Mental health and firearms are two subjects that are controversial and highly stigmatized. Previously, the two worlds never talked to each other. By bridging this gap, we have been able to bring the mental health community to national firearm shows such as the NRA and SHOT Show. Getting them involved in firearm-related podcasts and radio shows help demystify “gun culture.” This program also works to educate the Second Amendment Community to show counseling experience and get firearms owners more help. We hand out literature and wrist bands that promote treatment engagement.

Michael Sodini talking to a guest at the WTTA booth during SHOT Show

Make a change

What we’ve achieved so far is only the beginning. Our vision is to create a society where the mental health and firearms communities come together to develop innovative programs based on fact and understanding to reduce suicide and promote treatment engagement.