WTTA in the Media

Sturm, Ruger and Co., Inc. Donates $25K to Walk The Talk America

Walk The Talk America announces the donation of $25,000 from Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc., a leader in American-made firearms for over 70 years.

SJSU center confronts gun violence
SJSU center confronts gun violence

Walk the Talk America was mentioned in an SJSU News article by Bryanna Bartlett on the “Day of Action Against Gun Violence” event.

TLP 389 – The Intersection of Guns, Mental Health & Laws

Mike Sodini and Jake Wiskerchen guest on the Talking Lead Podcast. They discuss how gun laws are purposely discriminatory, inherently racist and undeniably unconstitutional. Jake educates us on the mental health therapy side of things and Mike talks about how WTTA has been instrumental in bridging the communication gap between the firearms industry and the mental health industry.

Vara Safety Partners with Walk The Talk America

Vara Safety, the handgun safe made for protection, has joined up with WTTA to help spread WTTA’s message of “Mental Health, it’s ok to talk about it” with a commitment to explore new technologies to help save lives.

Talking About Gun Rights with Anti-Gunners

Rob Pincus and Kevin Dixie have a conversation about the importance of talking to people outside of the gun community about gun rights… even people who you believe are already “against us.”