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My Encounter with NY SAFE ACT Mental Health Law (MHL) 9.46

“I am writing to inform people not just about my experience, but about some steps they might take if they find themselves in the same situation. Provider and facility names have been left out of my story because they aren’t relevant. The NY SAFE Act allows this to happen to anyone, anywhere in New York State.”

Firearms and my daughter

“I have long said that there needs to be more of an understanding between mental health and the right to keep your firearms, we just did not know where to turn.”

Man at shooting range firing a pistol

A former firearms instructor’s story

“I wanted to share my experience with you on this Suicide Prevention Day. I used to be a firearms instructor. It was through my training and work with local law enforcement and domestic violence resources that I realized I was living in a domestic violence situation.”

A person looks down over a large cliff, ready to step away from the edge