Shared story from Anonymous

My husband and I started a nonprofit youth shooting club… sadly we had to shut down meetings soon after, due to the COVID situation.

My 15-year-old daughter has done some USPSA competitive shooting, as I have as well. She is on medication for ADHD and some slight depression issues. We have been VERY quiet about her condition and our ownership of firearms, as we are so afraid we will be “labeled” and all of our firearms taken away. She sees a Psychiatrist (only about once every two months) for her medication check-in and he knows about what she does, but we were very hesitant to say too much. I don’t want her or my family to lose firearms and it is frustrating, to say the least. I have had some depression and anxiety, but am afraid to really go get help, as I don’t want any “red flags” regarding my firearms or CCW license. For the most part, I manage very well and have a great guy that keeps me grounded. 

I have long said that there needs to be more of an understanding between mental health and the right to keep your firearms, we just did not know where to turn. Add to this that my son is on the Autism Spectrum and we really are very guarded about our conditions and who knows about our firearms. He is 17 and VERY high functioning, but it is still alarming to some people.

I am glad that there are people willing to stand up for others who really need it in this world today!