Shared Stories

Firearms and my daughter

I have long said that there needs to be more of an understanding between mental health and the right to keep your firearms, we just did not know where to turn.

A former firearms instructor’s story
A former firearms instructor’s story

I wanted to share my experience with you on this Suicide Prevention Day. I used to be a firearms instructor. It was through my training and work with local law enforcement and domestic violence resources that I realized I was living in a domestic violence situation.

Counselors cannot take your guns
Counselors cannot take your guns

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Nevada and National Certified Counselor, Jake Wiskerchen, shares the ethical and legal criteria that counselors and therapists are held to when it comes to your guns. If you’re a gun owner, you don’t have to be afraid to seek mental health treatment!

No Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

No Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Shared story from Elizabeth D. When you think of bipolar, you probably do not think of someone who has their Master’s degree and two additional certifications. You probably do not think of someone who has a successful career or is a mother...

Almost two years…

A message honoring the memory of somebody passed and an encouragement us to do better for our veterans.

The unexpected fight

Want to see a smile light up a room? Take my 16 year-old son out to the range. Who doesn’t smile after shooting your shotgun but the smile expands and shines when you’ve got a great group. Days at the range with my son are the dreams of every shooting dad. My son and I don’t make it to the range often these days; let me explain.

My experience with PTSD

A US veteran shares their struggle with PTSD. “Find the love for yourself and in the things and people you enjoy and just take life one day at a time.”

Fears from a Special Operations Veteran

Increasing demand from our country’s leaders, to rely more heavily upon soldiers of Special Operations in our ongoing fight against terrorism worldwide has taken its toll among the ranks. Rapid deployments to some of the most hostile areas around the globe for almost 2 decades has left more internal scars than visible ones.