Avoid panic gun buying

During these uncertain times, a knee-jerk reaction many have is to purchase a firearm to protect their family. But panic buying a gun has more danger than you may realize. Make sure you consider this checklist and practice gun safety before purchasing what may be your first firearm.

Statement on the Virginia Beach tragedy
Statement on the Virginia Beach tragedy

Breathe… that’s what I asked people to do almost 7 months ago. I am now asking people, with a heavy heart, to breathe again. We lost 12 human beings in another senseless shooting. Not too much is known right now but here is what’s certain… this shouldn’t have happened.

Statement on the Virginia Beach tragedy
Statement on the Thousand Oaks shooting

Today, we woke up to the news of another senseless tragedy. Many will be running high on emotion and will use this incident to push an agenda. We at WTTA ask that you take a moment, and breathe. Let the facts come in so we can have a civil discussion to find solutions.

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