Gun Safety

What is Responsible Storage?

Responsible storage prevents unauthorized access. Each gun owner defines who is unauthorized for their home. It can mean preventing access to young children, guests, and potential thieves. It can also mean preventing access from themselves in a crisis by asking a...
Avoid panic gun buying
Avoid panic gun buying

During these uncertain times, a knee-jerk reaction many have is to purchase a firearm to protect their family. But panic buying a gun has more danger than you may realize. Make sure you consider this checklist and practice gun safety before purchasing what may be your first firearm.

The NSSF’s Suicide Prevention Program

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the firearms industry trade organization that exists to support all areas of business related to the manufacture, sale and use of firearms. In addition to many of the normal trade organization activities they conduct, they have taken significant steps to address the role that firearms play in suicide and suicide attempts.

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