WTTA is collaborating with MHA to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues inside of the gun community. Part of that work is educating the mental health community about guns, gun culture and the ways to help the largest number of gun owners. The end goal is to prevent suicides, reduce gun negligence, and reduce gun violence in general.

After an introduction from Debbie Plotnick (VP of MHA), Rob establishes some foundational principles with the group and then talks about various issues. The foundation for the discussion that will take place after he and Mike give their opening thoughts are:

1. Guns can be dangerous.
2. Guns are the only physical item guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.
3. Freedom isn’t safe.

MHA has a 100-year history of advocating for the rights of those living with mental illness… rights that include the right to keep and bear arms when there is no evidence of danger to themselves or others.