In this feature on The Next Stage on FOX 11 News, Reno, Mike Sodini talks about Walk the Talk America’s mission to reduce the number of firearm suicides. The first part aired on May 17, 2021 and this post was updated on June 17, 2021 when the full feature was released.

Show Description courtesy of Connie Wray

Suicide affects everyone. That’s why it’s imperative that mental health resources are available to all, this includes gun owners. The non-profit Walk the Talk America‘s mission is to save lives. Their unique approach is bringing gun owners, gun manufacturers, and mental health experts together to protect the rights of citizens is starting a conversation that many felt would never happen. In this 2 part series of The Next Stage Guns and Mental Health, WTTA, takes us inside their mission. Can free mental health screenings & a culture shift within the mental health community be a solution to suicide prevention?