Why support Walk the Talk America?

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Public Education and Outreach

Walk the Talk America attends various events each year, speaking on ways to enhance the perception of mental health among gun owners while elevating the standard of mental health care within this community. WTTA has also been included as a panelist in important conversations regarding negative outcomes with firearms, such as suicide prevention.

Kids To Kings

WTTA has a program called Kids to Kings, a mental health youth outreach program focusing on the cause and effects of Complex Trauma & CPTSD. Their focus is to be a positive influence and bring newly found information to young men at an early age, preventing them from developing unhealthy and damaging “survival mode” coping skills. Kids to Kings strives to break the cycle and provide the needed support to help kids become kings. They accomplish this by holding weekly workout days, mentorship, and team building field trips. Kids to Kings also educates the kids about healthy uses of firearms, including gun safety and recreational shooting, while addressing the negative ways some use them in the community and media.

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WTTA covers the print costs for our mental health flyers for gun ranges and firearm trainers who can’t afford to. These flyers provide access to free and anonymous mental health screenings.

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Cultural Competence Courses

WTTA provides cultural competence classes for mental health clinicians to improve their understanding of firearms culture. Donations help us cover the costs of offering both our introductory and intermediate classes for free in addition to the costs of accreditation through our partnership with CASAT for the introductory course.

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National Directory of Mental Health Professionals

WTTA has recently started a directory of mental health professionals who have completed at least one of our cultural competency courses and who want to be available as a resource to gun owners. Your donation helps with the costs of maintaining this directory and keeping it current.

We need to grow

Walk the Talk America has been operating on a budget resembling a local small business. While accomplishing success over the last four years, the time is now for us to grow that budget to closer resemble a national nonprofit. Please consider donating money to help us make a nationwide impact.