J. Hood is smiling and seated in a crisp light-grey suit and dark-grey tie. He has narrow glasses, a neat mustache and small beard, and medium-length natural hair.

Advisory Board Member

J. Hood

A people-person with a desire to make an impact, he is a perceptive and highly engaging strategic adviser, trainer, facilitator, and executive coach working with both elite leaders and organizations.

Prior to joining WTTA, J. worked to set the course for the organization and serves as a high-level strategic advisor building strategies, creating supportive growth and action plans, and empowering leaders and organizations in their efforts to find and sustain excellence. With a background in nonprofits and philanthropy, rendering him invaluable in both internal and external roles, he contributes to the marketing and branding efforts of WTTA.

He has extensive experience across a broad range of industries—including multi-million-dollar organizations—in designing, delivering, and facilitating workshops, training seminars, and strategic retreats that allow teams to deliver their best work. He specializes in facilitation, strategy and organizational development, transition management, and strategic grantmaking.

After years working as a Business Consultant with Multi-National Franchise Organization, he took everything he learned about scaling ideas and organizations, creating strong platforms, and understanding the needs of “People before Profit” and set out to help leaders achieve impact. Prior to his work in the for-profit sector, he spent several years working with underserved youth throughout the Midwest and West Coast.  As a former community organizer and educator with experience in implementing evidence-based violence prevention and intervention programs across the city, Mr. Hood has made significant strides in advocating for disadvantaged youth and reducing criminal elements in targeted communities. He has a proven track record building cross-sector collaborative relationships with government agencies, community-based organizations, and stakeholders groups.