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Colion Noir

Colion Noir is a Houston native, but for the past eight years, he has made Dallas his home. While attending law school, a friend invited him to the local gun range to shoot for the first time. Being scared of guns, every fiber in his body urged him to decline but he accepted. That was the day that changed his life and the lives of millions of his followers who have grown with him on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. His trademark has become the use of unique and colorful prose in his firearm videos to describe the guns that he so appreciates for their beauty, mechanical engineering, defensive properties, and embodiment of American freedom.

While his library of videos showing him on the range doing what he loves to do continues to grow, his driving passion is generating his biting and brilliant commentary videos. His aim is to educate all Americans, no matter their station, as to why the 2nd Amendment recognizes essential, individual liberty worthy of being jealously guarded against encroachment. Many would argue he has become the leading voice in the never-ending battle to preserve gun rights and the right to self-defense.

This voice, conveying complex arguments in a way that makes them simple and entertaining, has been heard by the most powerful political leaders of our time. He is a regular guest on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight and Fox & Friends. He has had the courage to face down the brash Bill Maher on his own HBO show and has had fun talking with his buddy Joe Rogan on his world-famous podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

His goal from the beginning was to reach the masses with his message and he has achieved it. However, the battle – and the fun on the range – continues.