Colion Noir

Colion Noir is a Houston native, but for the past 4 years has made Dallas his home. He is a licensed attorney, but while in Law School started a YouTube channel based on his passion for firearms and the Second Amendment. Due to his blunt and hilarious video rants, Colion Noir became one of the leading voices for young gun enthusiasts. Colion is now an NRA News Commentator and the Host of his very own online shows “NOIR” on the network, which is now entering its 6 Season. Noir is also the host of CN LIVE which always airs on the network.

Colion Noir has been published in Guns and Ammo, a major firearm publication in the industry. Mr. NOIR has also appeared on FOX & Friends and has been featured on the LA Times and the Washington Post. His most recent project involves the creation of his clothing line, “The Pew Pew Life” based around the modern-day firearm owners’ lifestyle.