What is Responsible Storage?

Responsible storage prevents unauthorized access. Each gun owner defines who is unauthorized for their home. It can mean preventing access to young children, guests, and potential thieves. It can also mean preventing access from themselves in a crisis by asking a...
SB23-170 in Colorado
SB23-170 in Colorado

We at Walk the Talk America are extremely disappointed by, and in fact alarmed at, the adoption...

A message from WTTA

We here at Walk The Talk America are saddened by the tragic loss of the students and teachers from Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. After an event like this, the world explodes with speculation and poor comprehension of underlying realities.

Cultural Competence Class Testimonial Compilation

Walk the Talk America has created a first of its kind cultural competence course for mental health professionals. We’ve gathered some of the submitted feedback gathered from attendees to hear what they had to say.

A 3 Year Anniversary of Walk the Talk America

Mike Sodini and Rob Pincus talk about Walk The Talk America’s journey over the last three years! Join us in a great discussion that highlights WTTA’s top five accomplishments so far and more work ahead.