Submitted anonymously:

I personally am a gun owner and strong advocate of the 2A. I also conceal carry on a daily basis. When “red flag laws” started to pop up in different states I was a bit skeptical at first, until an issue came up where my brothers and I had to utilize one of the 10 plus states “red flag law” to remove guns from a close family members house. The reason we had to do this was that we believed that our relative was in a state of mind where they could potentially hurt someone, not in an Intentional way, in an accidental way. They had a slip and fall accident, that left them with a traumatic brain injury, about 7 years ago and had started to show signs of CTE. In the last 6 months, those symptoms started to turn into paranoia and a short temper. There is more to the story but the point I’m trying to get to is, as a gun owner, I was placed in a situation where I had to make a tough decision. That decision was to ignore the obvious, that I had just watched them spend $40k on guns, ammo, and accessories within 1 month, after never owning a gun in their life, or speak with the police and figure out how to get the firearms out of their possession and get them the help they needed. I have made a great friend in a guy by the name of Michael Sodini, who has founded a non-profit called Walk the Talk America. His foundation is working to bridge the gap in the conversation between guns and mental health. I strongly support the work they are doing and feel that as gun owners it is our responsibility to find a way to police our own and come to a realization that mental health and guns are something that needs to be talked about together.