Stand with Walk The Talk America (WTTA) as we join the efforts of
the Firearm’s Industry with the Mental Health Industry

Your donations to Walk The Talk America will have an important impact on our programming goals. We have a number of current initiatives that do not involve legislation while encouraging personal accountability and improving safety and preserving life.


Among these are: continuing firearm education training to the public, first responders, and mental health clinicians; up-to-date mental health and suicide prevention materials for gun stores and second amendment supporters; safe storage programs through local gun shops; the distribution of free and anonymous mental health screenings through our website, firearm boxes, accessories, and gun counter flyers.


Many more programs are in production and we are eager to move them forward. With your financial support they can become reality.

And this is just the beginning. As more resources become available we will be adding keystrategic initiatives to further unify the Mental Health and Firearm Industries in an effort to reduce incidents of gun violence, gun negligence, and to promote education and discussions involving mental health.


Please join us in our mission.
Your donation will make a difference.